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IMPACT AFRICA Who do you want to influence today? Expertise. Creativity. Reliability.

About Us

We provide a full spectrum of strategic communication skills you need to succeed and grow-whether in projects, reputation, or advocacy.

Created in 2010, Impact Africa is a limited liability company based in Nairobi and serving East Africa and beyond. We work with international organisations, government agencies, corporations, trade associations, not-for-profit and civil society organisations, and coalitions of partners

Impact Africa provides the full spectrum of strategic communications services that:

  • Get your message to decision makers, participants, partners, beneficiaries…. (oh, and help you figure out what that message is)
  • Advocate for your point of view, and
  • Grow your reputation.

Who we are

Impact Africa is a team of top national and international communications professionals with a wealth of expertise in all aspects of strategic PR and communication, branding and collateral communications. We supplement our core team with outstanding colleagues as needed.

How we work

Communication makes or breaks ideas, products, programs…. and careers. So it’s vital to get it right! Here’s how we do that:

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Why Choose Us

Impact Africa doesn’t guess at the best approach. We work with you to see just what you need. We do the homework to determine what will work. And we get your goals achieved. Give us a call. You’ll see the difference. 



We don't just get the job done. We get goals achieved.

Strategic Communication

StrategicCommunicationYou want something to happen…but how do you get the right people to listen and act?

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BrandingHow do you create a brand so strong that it’s the obvious choice for your stakeholders and customers?

Rely on us to do the research, analysis, and image-strengthening you need to compete and win.

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Media Relations


Here’s the number one myth about media:

If you hold a media conference on your great results, everyone will cover it.

Here’s the number one reality about media:

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Event Management

EventManagementHow do you create an event that’s effective, memorable–and worry free?

Let Impact Africa handle it!

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Association Management

AssociationManagementNew in the Kenya business landscape, our association management specialty provides a professional, stress-free option for recruiting and serving members in any type of trade or professional association.

So you can focus on the big ideas.

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TrainingWant to keep growing and improving your communications program long after we’re gone?

Our team is expert in facilitating learning, coaching, and mentoring.

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Tell us your challenge!

Somak House, 4th Floor

Mombasa Road

P.O.Box 13776 – 00800 Nairobi Kenya

Office Line: +254 708 484878; +254 714 214303

Mobile: +254 722 851144

Email: info@impact-africa.com